Busy Weekend!

We had a very busy weekend but had a lot of fun! On Friday night we went to the Hoover baseball game and ran into Delaney's friend Morgan. The girls actually went on a beach trip together back in February but were both really little so one of them was always asleep when they were around each other. This time they were actually both awake but still didn't really seem to know the other one was there. Well even if they were not interested in each other their mommy's had fun taking pictures of them! It was not an easy task to get two babies to looks at the camera as you can see from the pictures! Also Delaney started sucking her thumb this weekend... I was kind of hoping we missed that habit and she was going to be fine with just a paci but it looks like maybe not! She would put it in her mouth before and just chew on it but she really started sucking on it this weekend.

Saturday David's sister Staci and her whole family came in town and we all went to dinner and then headed to Stadiumfest at Samford. It was great and it was awesome to see so many people out having fun worshiping the Lord! Delaney was great the whole time and seemed to really enjoy the festivities. We didn't get home until late Saturday night and we were all exhausted.

Sunday we had a family reunion at Susan's moms house. It was really fun to get to see everyone and Delaney was good as well. We had tons of good food and went by to see my grandmother and grandfather on the way home. Delaney was so tired and hungry by then so she wasn't in the best mood.. we promised them a trip back very soon where we could stay longer and Delaney hadn't been dragged around all day before we got there! Here are some pictures from all of our adventures this weekend!


  1. Ben would like to welcome Delaney to the thumb-suckers club. And hey, saves you from having to pop a paci back in all the time!

  2. The pictures of the two girls in their strollers are so cute!!

  3. I agree with the previous poster...at least you don't have to worry about a paci so much now. :) Morgan's not huge on the paci during the day, but at night, she HAS to have it to go to sleep. So that means when she has those half-awake periods at 2AM (and every 10 minutes after that when the paci falls out and she's not quite asleep yet), Mama or Daddy has to go in there and pop it back in. EVERY night. :)

    It was good seeing y'all the other day. Delaney gets cuter every time I see her. Tell your mom it was good seeing her, too.


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