Crusin in a suit...

A bathing suit that is! It has been so pretty the last few days and Delaney and I have been outside a lot and usually walk twice a day or so. She has some cute bathing suits and hasn't worn them yet because I haven't gone to get a baby pool so I let her wear her bathing suit on our walk this afternoon. She seemed happy about it and it kept her cooler than having clothes on. Delaney loves to suck on the straps of the stroller while we walk and put her feet in her mouth. I tried to get some pictures outside when we got back but she is not interested at ALL anymore! Every time you put her in the bumbo outside now she leans over and starts playing with the grass. It's really cute but makes it a little difficult to get a good picture! The dogs have formed a new love for Delaney's bouncy seat so they use it when they can and will just lay around in it. Delaney is working on sitting up on her own and is doing a really good job. If you sit her up and put her hands down in front of her she can balance herself for a good while before she topples over onto her stomach! It's so fun to watch her do all these new things everyday!
We are also having Delaney dedicated this weekend so will have some family in town and it should be a pretty fun and eventful weekend! Also I finished the dress that I was smocking so she is going to wear it for dedication. I'll post before and after pictures in a little while but I was so excited to get it back and for my first dress to smock for her it turned out really cute! Here are a few pictures from our week so far!


  1. Those shots of Delaney reaching for the grass are adorable. I LOVE candids like that. And post the dress -- your readers want to see it! :) I know you did a great job!


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