Happy Easter!

Delaney's first Easter was so great! Our church had 19 services for the Easter weekend so we actually went to church on Saturday night. David's sister Traci and her kids Hunter, Lindsey and Bradley came down to go to church with us. We also went with Uncle Brent and Aunt Stephanie, Mamaw and Papaw and G-ma. Church was so good and we are so grateful for our savior's sacrifice and everything he went through to deliver us from our sins. Delaney was sick so we didn't put her in the nursery, plus I was a little nervous to put her in the HUGE nursery at the main campus since the nursery at the riverchase campus is pretty small! She did great in church and just got a little restless towards the end so we went to the mothers room. I was excited to my friend Brandi and her sweet little girl Stella, who is the same age as Delaney in the mothers room as well.

We woke up this morning to lots of sweet surprises that the Easter bunny left. Delaney was very interested in her Easter basket and kept staring at it so much that I could barely get her to look at me to get a picture. She looks a little annoyed in the picture like she really doesn't have time to stop what she is doing! Today we went to my mom's for lunch and got to see a lot of family. We had an Easter egg hunt which Delaney of course was napping during! We saved her a few eggs for when she woke up and we had our own little Easter egg hunt. I know she had no clue what was going on but we had fun helping her find her eggs!

Delaney recently has started using her legs and standing up. All of a sudden one day she just decided that she could stand up and has been doing it ever since. She has been getting better everyday and can do it for a pretty long stretch of time now. Also a couple of weeks ago she really started finding her feet. She noticed them every now and then before but I mean she really found them. She plays with them all the time now and loves playing with them when she's in her carseat. She has started putting them in her mouth and last night was sucking on her toe when her diaper was being changed! Anyway its pretty funny and cute to watch..

We had a great weekend and I hope everyone had a very Happy Easter!!


  1. I love reading your blogs :) Delaney and Kinsie are doing the exact same things and I think its hilarious!! Kinsie has just her found her feet too and she LOVES sucking on her toes!!

    awww our sweet girls are growing up so fast!! Delaney is precious Heather!!

  2. I can't believe how fast the girls are growing. Delaney looks like a big girl in her Bumbo! Her dress is adorable and her little monogrammed outfit is adorable. You have her dressed so cute all the time! It was good seeing you two the other day. We've got to get the girls together soon; maybe this time they'll be awake at the same time!


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