The New Tummy Time

We have been trying to figure out a way to get Delaney to sleep without her swaddle blanket for awhile now. The doctor told us that since she has started rolling over that we really need to get her out of it and gave us a deadline of six months. He said that once they can roll over a lot of babies will sleep on their stomachs and that it was fine for them to do that but he just wanted her to have her arms free. So we have tried a couple of times putting her in the crib without her swaddle on her back but she flings her arms and legs all around and either doesn't go to sleep or she wakes herself up every two minutes. Well today I was telling Lisa that we needed to get Delaney doing some tummy time because she doesn't have very much arm strength and needed to practice pushing up on her arms. So she did some tummy time today and Delaney didn't seem to mind for a good while so that was progress. Then when it was nap time she decided to put her on her tummy in the crib not swaddled since the doctor said it was fine if they slept that way once they were rolling over. She only left her for about five minutes or so because she didn't want her to be upset since she normally doesn't sleep this way and when she went to check on her a few minutes later she was asleep!! Unswadled and sound asleep! I was so excited when she called to tell me about it and I'm hoping this is the answer to her sleeping without that swaddle blanket. I'm hoping its not a one time thing but unlike the first time I posted about her sleeping without the swaddle and she never did it again she has slept unswaddled all day today and slept as long as she does in the swaddle!

On another note we have been loving the warm weather! I had to go out and work on Delaney's Easter basket yesterday afternoon after work and David and Delaney joined me outside. It was so nice and I took a couple of pictures of Delaney enjoying the weather.


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