Ready for the Easter Bunny!

Ok so Delaney's Easter basket is ready anyway! I intended on ordering her a monogrammed Easter basket liner from Pottery Barn Kids but wanted to wait until I went to Cottontails to see if they had baskets I liked better. Well there wasn't anything as far as Easter baskets that I liked better than the one I saw from there so I went online to order the liner and guess what... they were all SOLD OUT! I was a little disappointed but its my fault for waiting so long! Anyway I had a basket I liked that we used for bubbles for our wedding so I sprayed it and got a lady to make some bows for it and just used that for this year since I couldn't get what I wanted. I figure if they have the liners next year I can use the same basket and just take the bows off of it. Anyway here is a before and after picture of her basket for this year... All we need now is a visit from the Easter Bunny!


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