Pic Post

So I was reading a friends blog who had this title and she talked about how really the people that follow our blogs want to see pictures of Delaney more than read my ramblings! So true so sometimes I'm just going to do a short post and have them be mostly pictures starting with this one. One quick note about the picture with Gracie below... Delaney had just finished her bottle this morning and was sitting in her bouncy seat and Gracie thought she would join her! Delaney LOVES the dogs and smiles when they come around and always wants to touch them. She just let Gracie sit with her for a good while this morning and she just kept petting her the whole time! It was really funny because she usually just grabs their hair and then they leave because they don't want her to pull their hair but this morning she didn't really even pull Gracie's hair and just sat there with her and looked at her and petted her. It was really cute so I had to get a picture. They are all three becoming fast friends!


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